Open-air theatre 2018


Cäsar Ritz (1850 – 1918), a farmer’s boy from Goms, has coined 19th century hotel history. He had the gift and foresight of recognizing and further the core elements of hospitality. In remembrance of the centenary of his death, Cäsar Ritz symbolically returns to his hometown Niederwald. Around 50 contributors on- and backstage will tell you about his life charged with emotions and creative energy. Over 3’000 spectators from all of Switzerland are expected to attend the event – a spectacle of light, music, local theatre folk in an idyllic and authentic scenery. Besides the open-air theatre, a large variety of activities are on offer in summer and autumn 2018 in honour of Cäsar Ritz’s centenary.


For a long time, Cäsar Ritz had dreamed of turning into reality his ideas and visions of his own model hotel in Paris. What would be called «Ritz-philosophy» was created here: Intricately conceptualized architecture, fulfilling a guest’s every wish, intuitive adaptation to recent developments and trends in society as well as innovative haute cuisine. We are aspiring to present all these facets on the stage of «Cäsar Ritz» in Niederwald.


We are deliberately promoting local activities and artists in this production of «Cäsar Ritz». Director Bernhard Kreuzer and co-director Cäsar Biderbost work together with amateur actors and actresses from Upper Valais in order to get you as close as possible to the real Cäsar Ritz. These two directors are true professionals: Bernhard Kreuzer has been working in the theatre business for years, has co-founded the theatre club Obergoms and is currently contributing to theatre projects in Oberrüti AG and Seniorenbühne Luzern (senior citizens stage Lucerne). He wrote the play «Cäsar Ritz» and will direct the production. The organising committee is an all-local professional group, which ensures the local character of the production.


The theatre is set in the village square of Niederwald. The action pivots on the Ritz-Brunnen (fountain). There are parking spaces close-by. The theatre location is only a short walking distance from Niederwald train station. In the village of Niederwald, you can purchase something to eat and drink before or after the play.

18. / 20. / 21. / 25. / 27. / 28. July 2018
1. / 3. / 4. / 8. / 10. / 11. August 2018

Additional performance:
30 July 2018
  6 August 2018

In case of dubious weather, Obergoms Tourismus AG, +41 27 974 68 68 will provide information about the event between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.
When it rains the performance is played to the end. If a performance has to be postponed due to thunderstorms or storms or cancelled before the 5th scene, the ticket remains valid for the performance on the following Thursday (alternative day). If the performance is interrupted after the 5th scene, the performance is deemed to have been performed and there is no right to compensation.
The return or exchange of tickets is generally excluded.
The box office is open from 5.30 pm. Lost and found objects can be handed in and collected there.